Shikhar Eco Foundation (SEF)

As a part of Shikhar's Corporate Social Responsibility, Capt. Swadesh Kumar, launched Shikhar Eco Foundation (SEF) in an attempt to give back to the communities he has got from. The first initiative of Shikhar Eco Foundation was to adopt Agoda village, in district Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India on the Dodital Trek trail. Agoda, the first Rural Tourism village in Uttarakhand is very close to Shikhar Nature Resort, Uttarkashi, India.

Shikhar Eco Foundation supported by Forest Department, Uttarakhand Government and in collaboration with Dodital Eco Vikas Samiti organized a two day "Training program for Lodge Owners and Trekking Guides" on 13-14 August 2010 at Shikhar Nature Resort, Uttarkashi.

Further, Shikhar joined hands with the Forest Department, WWF India and the Agoda village community to clean Dodital Lake and trek route. A four-day expedition was carried out from 8th to 11th November 2010 during which twenty-five sacks of non-biodegradable garbage were collect and sent for recycling. Shikhar also organsied a half day workshop for children of Junior School Agoda Village to teach them about ecology and eco-tourism.

Shikhar has also created a website for the Dodital Eco Vikas Samiti to help them promote and market their products.

  • We enjoyed a lot in the lap nature. Facilities & hospitality was very good. It was a life time experience.

    Kartikan Bharadwaj; 01 June 2008

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    Manish Singh

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    Parshant Sharma; 18 June 2008

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    Atul Vyas - Indo American Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi; 09 August 2008

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    Harichauhan - Quest Himalayan, Rishikesh; 30 August 2008

  • The setting is breathtaking, the staff and services were outstanding. I truly hope to return here. Thank you.

    Jane Rooney - Melbourne, Australia; 26 September 2008

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    Wolfgang Hofmann - Germany; 05 October 2008

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    Mr. Azad Singh - BRCM Public School Vidyagaram; 09 October 2008

  • Natural beauty between Mountains River and natural greenery. Good food. The arrangement of hospitality is very good. Mr. Vishal has done very fine role throughout the stay. In last I enjoyed a lot and will come again here with the family.

    Partha Jee - BRCM Public School Vidyagaram; 09 October 2009

  • It's very pleasant here. View is also nice. We enjoyed our stay very much food was also very tasty. Many thanks.

    Saiyu Travel, Japan; 10 October 2008

  • Super service!!! Wonderful smiles!! It was an experience par excellence staying here.

    Pardeep K.; 11 May 2009

  • The Facilities at Shikhar Nature Resort were excellent. The tents were clean and well made up and so were the rest rooms. The entertainment facilities at the resorts were good and everyone enjoyed their stay there.

    R.M. Software India Pvt. Ltd.

  • The extra curricular activities were a hit with our Team member and helped increase interaction amongst individuals

    Pradyuman Rao - Sr. Business Manager, Legato Systems.

  • All our Team Members had a memorable experience of various team building activities like Rafting, River Crossing and Rescue, Rock Climbing, Touch me not, Free fall etc.

    Munish Rishi - Sales Manager, Nokia Ltd.

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